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Professional history

I was born in Ústí nad Labem, lived in Děčín and started with programming at the end of the primary school.

When I was in high school I founded my first 'significant' project - a desktop application called Autorun Lab. Its goal was to create automatically displayed skinnable menus for user CDs. That time many people bought their first CD writer so the application became quite popular, especially in Central Europe.

At the same time I also wrote my first commercially used database application. It was called 'Kino' which means 'Cinema'. It is still used in a small cinema in Jirkov, Northern Bohemia for tickets booking and printing.

When I finished high school I had few years of experiences in development of web and desktop applications. I had also done my first steps towards GNU/Linux.

In 2004 I got my first job as technical consultant for MIS AG (later acquired by Infor). My responsibility in the team was to implement management information systems (BI) on database levels. It was great not only to learn a lot about commercial SQL databases. It also helped me to understand how to use effectively non-relational databases, so-called MOLAPs.

As senior consultant I have developed many applications for data transformations. I have used many programming languages according to the APIs provided or according to customer's requirements. Usually it was SQL mixed with VB6, VBA or Tcl/Tk, sometimes also C++ and others. Last three years in the company I also designed and developed the ETL software called DataBridge which had its own IDE and scripting engine for rapid ETL scripts development. It became a main tool for writing data transformation processes for all new customers of the Czech affiliate.

During the job, I had the privilege of delivering the data part of the implementation of information systems, or otherwise cooperating in the implementation of dozens of customers on regional and also global level. Here you can see some of them:

In Infor I learned to be a database programmer specialized in OLAP systems and performance tuning.

I had a great opportunity to became familiar with systems of the companies I worked for. I also had the opportunity to cooperate on development with the users and help them to achieve their goals easier.

After seven pleasant years at Infor I finally decided to leave and take the path of an independent IT expert. Since then I further work with all kinds of database technologies, write all kinds of not only web applications, and also develop / customize various Linux distributions.


Below follows a list of some technologies, I have working experience with:

operating systems (administration and development)

SQL databases

MOLAP databases

other database systems

Web/desktop/server applications development


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